Searching for the pattern

Here's a story. Deep down, I have a very fixed set of values, they are very difficult for me to change. On the surface however I will throw away all the rule books, looking in every direction, under every stone to find new, unexpected, reflections of my pattern. I'm a non-conforming conformist.

In practice, I could say that most of my work revolves around decentralisation. I seek the path into a non-linear future that, for as many people as possible, is better than where we are now. The way into this future requires that we combine ancient and modern, humanity and technology, yin and yang - order and discord. I believe that this is the only way in which we will be able to address the grand challenges we a species.

My work combines different forms of "technology". Software, collaboration, self-development and "magick". So many of the "esoteric" arts are simply systemic ways of seeing and working. We've been afraid of them, not because they don't work, but because they work extremely well - but we can't consciously understand them. if we're going to create a better future, we need to go beyond logic.


Known by many as "The Greenman", I'm more commonly called Peter Brownell. Based in London, I work with a number of companies in various roles related to technology and change.

I believe that the combination of left brain logic and right brain intuition is one of the most important skillsets to be able to cultivate. Most of our cultural suspicion and superstition of right brain, intuitive practices has simply come from misunderstanding. Our right brain does not use words, it can only communicate in symbols - but in a culture where we only trust the words, we mistrust half of ourselves!

I work with patterns, groups and non-linear systems. I design technology of various forms to allow for emergent, decentralised problem solving.

Obsessively drawn to computers in my youth, I've gradually explored what have generally been called "esoteric" practices, like Tarot and Astrology, for more than 20 years, alongside all my work building software and running teams.

My experience has led me to believe that systemic tools and approaches are vital for our future. They allow us to break out of silos, reach across cultures and see the patterns in change.

We live in interesting times. Learn the interesting things.

Learn Tarot.

Systems Design

I design practical tools and frameworks based on systemic "tech".

Pragmatic Tarot

Pragmatic Tarot is a structured, systemic approach to the Tarot, designed to help people to engage their intuition.

Integral Zodiac

The Zodiac as an emergent structure that mirrors the AQAL ideas from integral theory.

Systemic Data Ethics

Systemic Data Ethics is a data ethics framework based on the underlying principles from the Zodiac.

Continuous Change Navigator

The continuous change navigator is a prototype diagnostics tool for agile teams structured from elemental principles.