Your health extends into the systems you are part of.

Everything is connected. The tangled complexity of work, technology and relationships have a deep impact on the lives of any entrepreneur, leader or person with a mission.

I work at the intersection of systems and systemic, combining logic and intuition, humanity and technology to address complex, interconnected challenges at multiple levels.

I use a unique combination of tools assist people who cannot separate themselves from their projects. I help navigate the unknown using ancient, systemic tools, provide practical advice on how to implement technology, I facilitate the emergence of new organizational and team structures.

What I do

I change the story, using archetypes to reframe narratives about change and complexity.I use systems maps to see what is missing, find the blind spots and to sense what comes next.I break complex, inter-connected problems into smaller pieces using technologies ancient and modern.I cultivate socio/technological/mythological systems, integrates practical, human-centric, right brain perspectives into working practices, cultures and perceptions.

Strategic Tarot

Instant strategic insight, for organizations or individuals, within 30 minutes - or its free.*

Let me show you just how much we're missing by denouncing systemic tools, like the Tarot, as superstition.

I use the Pragmatic Tarot system to change the way you think about the challenges you face.

The Tarot, if you get rid of the superstition, is a very carefully structured systemic tool describing different types of change. The "magic" of the Tarot is simply a form of literacy. By telling stories with these cards, it becomes possible to make new associations, shift your thinking and find new ways to address your challenges.

My work combines different forms of "technology". Software, collaboration, dynamic organizations and systemic maps. I strip away the superstitions that have been wrapped around the Tarot and Zodiac, and work with the underlying holistic frameworks to rapidly generate unique insights.

In the coming years, the way in which we work and the structure of our organizations will completely transform. Let me join you on your journey.

Instant Insight / Strategic Tarot

Practical strategic advice for leaders within organizations and projects, or people on a mission.

The Tarot is not a fortune telling device, it's just a language of change. Strategic Tarot won't reveal your future, but it's pretty amazing what it can do to help you get a clearer ideas of the present.

Amazing Product Features!

Find new energy by changing your story from a big complex mess, to a set of interconnected strands.Take a step forward with a clearer idea of what's a good place to start.
Just try it. It's not magic - but it feels like it.

I use the Tarot, a left/right brain, whole system map carefully structured to map patterns of change. By combining different possibilities, and looking for relationships, I will help you restructure the way you understand the challenges you face, pick out some clear areas for focus your strategy on, and give you fresh energy to move forward.

There is no superstitious mumbo-jumbo, there is no need to "believe". The insight we gain together comes from our own abilities to recognise patterns and make connections. The symbols and archetypes of the Tarot have been finely crafted over hundreds of years to make sense of the complexity life throws at us.

There have been few times in history more complex than now.

Pricing for individuals

£100 for a 1 hour consultation

Organization pricing

2 hour consultation£250
(Optional) Written analysis report£250

Money back guarantee
I accept that using Tarot as a tool for strategy might seem unusual. But I guarantee that it will work. If, after 30 minutes, you're not convinced, we'll just end the session - with no charge.


Known by many as "The Greenman", I'm more commonly called Peter Brownell. Based in London, I work with a number of companies in various roles related to technology and change.

I've explored, what have generally been called "esoteric" practices, like Tarot and Astrology for more than 20 years, alongside all my work building software and running teams.

I believe that the combination of left brain logic and right brain intuition is one of the most important skillsets to be able to cultivate. Most of our cultural suspicion and superstition of right brain, intuitive practices has simply come from misunderstanding. Our right brain does not use words, it can only communicate in symbols - but in a culture where we only trust the words, we mistrust half of ourselves!

Systemic tools and approaches, from which the Tarot and Zodiac emerge, are vital for our future. They allow us to break out of silos, reach across cultures and see the patterns in change.

We live in interesting times. Learn the interesting things.

Learn Tarot.

Systems Design

I design practical tools and frameworks based on systemic "tech".

Pragmatic Tarot

Pragmatic Tarot is a structured, systemic approach to the Tarot, designed to help people to engage their intuition.

Integral Zodiac

The Zodiac as an emergent structure that mirrors the AQAL ideas from integral theory.

Systemic Data Ethics

Systemic Data Ethics is a data ethics framework based on the underlying principles from the Zodiac.

Continuous Change Navigator

The continuous change navigator is a prototype diagnostics tool for agile teams structured from elemental principles.